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You worked hard to create a solid reputation and professional image for your online presence. Now let SKGOLD® Hosting help you protect your good name with Private Domain Registration (Domain ID Protection), a dynamic data management system that keeps your identity secure from unauthorized users.

Protect Your Identity with our Domain ID Protection!

Domain ID Protection Identity theft is nothing new; one little slip, and suddenly someone is using your email address and maybe even your company name without your permission, causing you all kinds of headaches. You may not know, though, that devious and dodgy people can pull a similar stunt with your email address and domain name.

That’s right – spammers can use your email address, harvested from domain registries, to hijack your email. Sometimes they simply dump their junk in your box; 80 to 85 percent of email today is stuff you didn’t ask for and don’t want. Sometimes, however, their purpose is more harmful: they actually work their way into your email system and send their junk with your name on it.

Our Private Domain Registration Stops Spammers!

Private Domain Registration When you use Private Domain Registration from SKGOLD® Hosting you can cut spammer off before they have a chance to get going. Our technology protects your personal information, including your email address, from unscrupulous spammers. The process works like this:

1You register your domain name with SKGOLD® Hosting and sign up for ID Protection. We save your real information in our files so we can forward your important messages to you.

2When someone launches a WHOIS search (as in, who is the owner of this domain), ID Protection system replaces your real information with generic information in their search results. Example:

  • Unprotected WHOIS info:

David Smith Company
David Smith
14 Center St.
Calgary, AB, T2W 6V6
davidsmith @
YOUR private info is visible to the public!

  • Protected with ID protection:

Whois Privacy Protection Service.
Whois Agent
PMB 370, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA, 98007
United States
wrtjhutrh @

ID Protection system changes the generic email address periodically. Email sent to this address is filtered for spam, and only legitimate emails are sent on to you.

When you are using our Private Domain Registration / ID Protection system, we store your registration information in our files. To protect you even further, we escrow your information with a third party so it’s secured in two separate locations. And if you need to confirm ownership of your domain name for a third party, simply log on to your account and turn off ID Protection. Once the third party has confirmed your status with a whois query, turn on ID Protection once more.


Private Domain Registration - Private WHOIS

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